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The Law firm Gaillard, Delwiche & Degouis was established in 2013 following the association of two lawyers, Me Emmanuelle Delwiche and Me Pierre Degouis, and an experimented lawyer practising at the Bar of Brussels for 40 years, Me Martine Gaillard.

The Law firm principally offers advice in family lawsocial lawreal estate law and in the particular domain of administration of property, but the lawyers also treat other issues, in particular and traffic law.

The lawyers of the Law firm Gaillard, Delwiche & Degouis have as principal guidelines to be reactive, pragmatic and close to their clients.

Family law

Family law is a branch of private law which governs the relations of a set of individuals united by a family relationship or a relationship by marriage.
It thus governs a whole series of situations, from marriage to filiation, passing by divorce, separation, parental authority,…

Social law

Social law regroups both the rules regarding the rights and obligations of the workers towards their employer(s), being Labour law, and those concerning specifically the rights and obligations of the insured under the social security, being Social Security Law.

Real estate law

The Law firm Gaillard, Delwiche & Degouis has vast experience in the area of Real Estate law.
We offer support in all matters concerning estate management in the broad sense both for private and commercial lease : drafting and negotiation of the lease contract, revision/modification and indexations of rent, terminations, revocations …