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Emmanuelle Delwiche

3 Photo Emmanuelle Delwiche

Tel: 02/649.49.20
Fax: 02/640.14.16

Preferential subjects

Emmanuelle Delwiche has a degree in law of the ULB in June 2006.

Member of the Bar of Brussels since October 2006, she has accomplished her internship in the Law firm of Me Jacques Bourgaux.

As of January 2010, she started as a self-employed lawyer, before establishing the Law firm Gaillard, Delwiche & Degouis in November 2013.

Emmanuelle Delwiche works mainly in the areas of family law or real estate law, while devoting a part of her working time to the management of cases of provisional administration.

Educational background

June 2006 : Degree in Law, orientation private law. Université Libre de Bruxelles.


Emmanuelle Delwiche practices mainly in French. She has a passive knowledge of Dutch and English.