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Martine Gaillard

2 Photo Martine Gaillard

Tel: 02/649.49.20
Fax: 02/640.14.16

Preferential subjects

Martine Gaillard has worked as a legal expert within the General Secretariat of the FPS Public Health before starting as a lawyer in 1980. She is member of the Order of Advocates of the Bar of Brussels since 1st September 1983.

Since then, Martine Gaillard has practised law alone or in group and is specialized in Family Law, which she practices daily.

Martine Gaillard also has a considerable expertise in Real Estate Law, a subject area in which she manages an important rental litigation that has been conferred to her both by private investors and social housing companies.

Moreover, Martine Gaillard is regularly designated as provisional administrator of assets of incapable persons within the meaning of Article 488bis of the Civil Code and by serval Judges of the Peace of the District of Brussels.

In November 2013, Martine Gaillard has established with two young confreres the Law firm Gaillard, Delwiche & Degouis.

Educational background

June 1979: Law degree – Université Libre de Bruxelles

June 1980: Aggregation in Law and Secular Moral – Université Libre de Bruxelles


Martine Gaillard practices in French and has an in-depth knowledge of Dutch.