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Labour law

As Labour law is the source of rules regulating the relation binding a worker tot his employer, everybody may be confronted with it.

The Law firm Gaillard, Delwiche & Degouis accompanies both workers and employers throughout the professional collaboration :

  • Recruitment
  • Work permit
  • Collaboration employed or self-employed
  • Employment contract
  • Remuneration
  • Salary Split
  • Privacy at the workplace
  • Ethical / Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Rights and obligations during the performance of the contract of employment
  • Suspension of the contract of employment (time credit, parental leave, illness, …)
  • Breach of employment contract (motivation of the dismissal, dismissal for serious misconduct …)
  • Business transfer
  • Unfair competition and disclosure of business secrets  after the breach employment contract.

The rules of labour law are strict and the breaches of this rules have far-reaching consequences. It is therefore recommended to take prior specialized advice in the matter, even more so since labour law is regularly subject to important modifications (for example : modification of the rules of notice, single status of the workers and employees ….).